Alternative Treatments For Fibromyalgia

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If you are experiencing a wide constellation of muscle aches, joint pains, and throbbing bones, then you might be experiencing fibromyalgia – and you are one among millions of people all over the world who is feeling the exact same thing. This has prompted many people to seek alternative treatments for fibromyalgia, especially since there is no known basis for the disease and it can thus be difficult to treat with mere medication.

Most of the alternative treatments for fibromyalgia involve exercise. Our joints, bones, and muscles suffer as much when they do not move as when they do; during atrophy, joints, bones, and muscles can stiffen or get pinched, so that moving and mere walking can be difficult. Gentle exercise, such as stretching or swimming, can relieve these pains. Those who find exercise boring can also turn to massages or chiropractic care, both of which have been found to help ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Another set of alternative treatments for fibromyalgia include changing one’s diet and getting more sleep. Such an approach involves taking more dietary supplements, which are thought to strengthen the immune system and keep bones and muscles strong. It may also involve keeping sugar and fat consumption to a minimum, so that the body’s major organ systems are not taxed.

Because fibromyalgia may be psychosomatic, some alternative treatments for fibromyalgia involve behavior therapy. For instance, biofeedback can help patients deal with the pain better. In biofeedback, doctors can teach their patients to recognize where the pain is coming from, and know what parts of their body are telling them to either speed up or slow down.


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